bloggy blahs and a new website

I’ve noticed quite a few bloggers have been feeling the bloggy blahs lately. It’s only natural I suppose, as kids take a break from school and the weather is warm. that we would desire to spend less time inside sitting in front of the computer. And let’s be honest ~ there are only so many times one can write posts for a blog without running into a brick wall of bloggy blahs.

I find myself with the bloggy blahs probably more often than the average blogger. It’s a known aspect of my personality ~ I tend to withdraw from social scenes occasionally to regroup on a personal level and take stock of the activities that I spend time on.  I guess it’s not so much that I have the bloggy blahs as it is I honestly have run out of things that I want to say (or write) publicly.

For the past couple of years my posts have been sporadic at best. That’s okay with me. That’s the real me ~ I have spurts of energy, and I have days (or even weeks) when reading a book, playing with my granddaughter, talking with my kids and hanging out with my husband is all I really care to do ~ or have the energy and ability to do. I’ve never felt I have an obligation to blog ~ I do it because I enjoy it. At times blogging can be very cathartic for me; at other times I just don’t feel a need or desire to publish my thoughts to be read for all eternity on the internet.

My friend Holly and I have been talking about publishing a website together for quite a while ~ 3 years or so. We recently took some pretty big steps in moving closer to making our plans a reality. We’re both very excited about this project, and we’re looking forward to being able to share all of the information. For now I can say that our site will be for Christian women who long to use their time wisely while blessing their families and growing in their relationship with Christ.

This new site will take a considerable amount of my time to maintain. For me that’s a major challenge, and I already know I will need a lot of grace, understanding and forgiveness from both the readers and the other writers. Time is often a commodity I possess but am unable to use due to physical limitations. I’m thankful to have friends and loved ones who faithfully pray for me; I am also blessed with a family that is exceedingly understanding, and a husband who is willing to step in and make up for my short comings in any way he can.

So, with the new site set to launch in the near future, what is to become of this blog? I honestly don’t know yet. There are a lot of factors to consider ~ I haven’t finished considering them all yet. I’m in the wait-and-see phase regarding this blog right now. One of the things God began teaching me a long time ago is to not get ahead of Him by making plans of my own and expecting things to work the way I expect them to work. God’s plans are always better than mine. I know from many personal experiences that it’s always best to seek God’s wisdom and direction.

I will be able to share more information about the new site (project) soon. Until then:

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  1. Margaret on June 22nd, 2010 2:50 pm

    It sounds very exciting. (Thanks for being a part of FIRST btw!)

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